Little Music Maker is a wonderful introduction into music by helping little ones express themselves through sound. Our Little Music Maker class uses creative and educational ideas to help develop speech & language, practice numeracy, and help strengthen memory skills. Music also helps the body and mind work together. It promotes mindfulness and improves a child's ability to focus. A fun and creative collection of Little Club songs accompanies our Little Music Maker class, as well as a fabulous selection of musical instruments. We absolutely love making magical music madness. Don’t miss a beat!


Little Music Maker


Little Shaker dance class is structured upon exercise & 

movement which is hugely important in a child's early years development. Not only does it play a vital role in helping children maintain a healthy weight; physical activity supports brain development and builds social and emotional well-being. Our Little Shaker dance class is built up of actions and movements using imagery and pictures unique to Little Club. This interactive concept helps children practice creativity and self-expression, whilst building gross motor skills and co-ordination. Our Little Shaker class captures a little one’s imagination, and gets them moving, wiggling & shaking!


Little Shaker


Little Performer


Little Performer is our Drama Class, and here at Little Club we actively inspire little ones to explore their own creativity by tapping into their imaginations. Drama has so many benefits, but fundamentally, it helps to build confidence. It also aids concentration, as children are encouraged to listen to one another. Here at Little Performer, we have a whole host of interactive drama games that we use, that help children to express themselves both verbally, and through facial expression & body language, which is key to making them better communicators. Our Little Performer class also plays a vital role in nurturing friendships, as little ones laugh, learn and grow together in a playful & fun way! 

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